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The Most Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah - Apostle, Prophet, Pacifist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Educationist, Author and Motivational Speaker was born on Tuesday, February 23, 1960 to the late Mr. J. O. Ankrah and Madam Victoria Ziddah. Out of his polygamous father’s 24 children, he is the 22nd but the fifth of his mother’s seven children. The first key person who had a profound impact on his spiritual life was his God-fearing mother whom he affectionately calls Mmaah (a Ga word which means ‘my mother’).

As a devoted Christian who dearly loved the Lord, Madam Victoria encouraged Sam to accompany her to church every Sunday. His active participation and intelligent contributions during Bible discussions at church earned him the admiration of some of the elders, who encouraged Victoria to take a keen interest in his education. Victoria did so believing that her son would grow up to become a great prophet of God like the biblical Samuel. Thus when she baptized him at the age of eleven, she christened him “Samuel”.

In 1974, young Sam gained admission to Saint John’s Grammar Secondary School (St. Johns) in Accra. There, he became an active member of the Scripture Union (SU) even though he was not ‘Born Again’. This, he explains, was due to the fact that he had never quite clearly understood the salvation message. In his first year at St. Johns, however, he encountered the Lord in a special way and accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Saviour.

By the time he entered University of Ghana, Legon, in 1984, Rev. Sam had started Showers of Blessing Incorporated - an evangelistic ministry made up of students from some second cycle institutions in Accra. This was the group which metamorphosed into Royalhouse Chapel eight (8) years later.

After his university education, he left Ghana for Holland to seek greener pastures and to further his education. His desire was to study law, political science or business administration. But on June 19, 1991 he had an encounter with the Lord which forever changed the course of his life. In recounting his experience, he had this to say:

I was sleeping soundly in my room when suddenly I felt a hand touching and waking me up. Instinctively, I looked at the time and it was 2:00am. Suddenly, I heard a voice call me by name and telling me to pray. I obeyed knowing it was the voice of God and for the next three hours I prayed amidst tears.

Around 5:00am, God told Rev. Sam to reach out for his Bible. When he did, it fell open at 1Timothy 3:1 which says: ‘This is a true saying, if a man desires the office of a bishop, he desires a good work’. Although this verse of scripture was well known to him, when he read it that day it ministered to him in a personal way. According to him, something (the Holy Spirit) gripped his spirit as he read that verse and he immediately knew that God was calling him into full-time ministry.

However, Rev. Sam dreaded the prospect of coming to Ghana to start a church because in 1991, there were mega Charismatic Ministries in Accra, most of which were headed by colleagues with whom he had had a very close and early association. When he expressed his reservations to the Lord, he received several divine assurances which convinced him that Ghana would most gladly receive his prophetic ministry and unique ability to demonstrate the reality of God’s power through signs, wonders and outstanding miracles of healing and deliverance. He was also assured by the Lord that his rare gift of ushering people into God’s presence through worship and the power of his relevant, down to earth motivational sermons which had always endeared his audience to him, had not waned at all. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit made it clear to him that his unwavering faith in a God who is able to deliver people from dehumanizing situations and place them in life-affirming ones, by providing what they need to live a fulfilling life would produce a much needed and sought after Ministry in Ghana. Above all, he knew that the power He had received from God to exercise absolute authority over Satan’s kingdom and the whole pantheon of traditional gods and spirits; and rescue people from demons, witchcraft manipulations, charms, black magic, curses and all forms of dangers would be a plus for his ministry. Thus, he left Holland and came to Ghana in November 1992 to resume the leadership position of Showers of Blessing Inc., which by this time had started Sunday services under the name Abundant Life Missions International. Beginning with 12 adults and 12 children, Royalhouse Chapel now seats over 10,000 vibrant worshippers in total weekly attendance at the Headquarters (Ahenfie) in Accra.

Among the high profile personalities and celebrities who have fellowshipped with Royalhouse Chapel are the ex-President of the fourth Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Jerry John Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings; His Lordship Justice Wiredu, the former Chief Justice of Ghana, and ‘Professor’ Azumah Nelson the former WBC Super Featherweight Champion. Royalhouse Chapel has also hosted the Mayor of the city of Accra, Honorable Agyiri Blankson; the Deputy Minister of Interior, Honorable Retired Captain Nkrabea Effah Dartey; the Deputy Minister for Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. O.B. Amoah; the Minister for Private Sector Development, Hon. Kwamena Bartels, and some Ghanaian Chiefs, including the Okyenehene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II. The Ruling Government’s Presidential Candidate for 2008 elections Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo- Addo as well his counterpart in the Opposition National Democratic Congrss(NDC), Prof. John Evans Atta- Mills have all visited to worship.

Among the adult membership of the church are some high profile personalities, including members of the ruling government and minority parties. There are also a number of High and Appeal Court Judges, lawyers, medical doctors, senior nursing, army and naval officers, top banking officials, and successful business entrepreneurs who are active members of the church. The Chief Executive Officer of Kpogas Standard Furniture which is a leading name in the furniture industry in Ghana, and arguably, in some parts of West Africa, is a pastor of Royalhouse Chapel. Among those whose career and businesses have been transformed by the ministry of Rev. Sam, is the Chief Operating Officer of CAN 2008, Mr. Rex Danquah, a member of the church. Rev. John Atta Aggrey, the Managing Director of Grand Pacific, an electrical distribution company and country representative of major European electrical companies has greatly been impacted by his ministry.

Through his ministry, the Most Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah has significantly affected the lives of street children, the homeless in society, drug addicts, commercial sex workers, single parents, widows and widowers as well as the aged with philanthropic initiatives like ''Outreach for Comfort '', ''Rescue to the needy'' ''Ministry to the Aged'', ''Hospital and Prisons Outreaches'' and ''Scholarship Schemes for Bright and Needy Students''. The countless testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed by his ministry bear abundant witness and proof of his calling. A Ghanaian Christian magazine, made the following observation of the ministry of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah:

[Royalhouse Chapel] is a life-transforming church where sin is openly rebuked and the works of the devil are destroyed through the power of God. In Royalhouse Chapel, the battle lines in the heavens are drawn as members constantly engage in spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting, thus ensuring that deliverance of Satan’s captives is a daily experience. Rev. Sam who is the President of the Royalhouse Chapel Group of Churches, reflects an explosive swiftness and brilliance of God’s glory and power. He is of a truth proving his call to ‘full-time’ ministry. If you are in doubt of the authenticity of prophetic utterances in these last days, call on Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah. He’s a rare gem in the art of prophecy and interpretation of dreams. He is God’s gift to the Church in our generation.

His business acumen is evident in the fact that he is the C.E.O of Powerline Media Ministries, a non-profit organisation which promotes his multimedia evangelistic campaigns like the ‘Power in His Presence’ TV and ‘Powerline’ radio programmes, which reaches millions of viewers and listeners across the world in Ghana and abroad. He also mentors an extensive network of ministers through the Covenant Ministers Fellowship Incorporated which he founded and keeps an immense schedule of speaking engagements across the world. Apart from his partnership with corporate organisations in Africa, Europe and USA. The Most Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah serves on the Executive Board of reputable, high powered religious Councils and Associations and is a well known figure in conflict resolutions between traditional leaders and Ghanaian churches and has also pioneered reconciliation meetings between high ranking political figures in Government and the opposition. He is married to the Rt. Rev. (Mrs.) Rita Korankye Ankrah and they are blessed with four (4) children.

Culled from Rt. Rev. Derek Amanor’s Research Work entitled “Royalhouse Chapel International: The History, Ministries and Impact of a Charismatic Church in Ghana” which was submitted to Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Ghana in 2006 in partial fulfilment of the requirements leading to a Bachelor of Divinity.


Royalhouse Chapel International was founded by the Most Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah after his encounter with the Lord in June 19, 1991. Before his encounter and subsequent arrival in Ghana in November 1992, he had given approval to his wife, Rev. Mrs. Rita Korankye Ankrah (affectionately called Mama Rita) to start Sunday services with members of Showers of Blessings who were then available. The meetings began at the GES Model Nursery School in Accra at North Ridge with 12 adults and 12 children attending the first Sunday service. The name under which they operated from March 1991 was Abundant Life Missions International. But in July 1993, the name of the church was changed to Bible Worship Centre to reflect the new vision and focus with which Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah was going to operate. To give the church a global focus, the name was modified in August 1994 to International Bible Worship Centre (IBWC). However in March 1999, there was another development when the IBWC Governing Council had its annual meeting. An umbrella name which would embrace the multifaceted aspect of the ministry was deemed appropriate. Upon much deliberation and prayer, Royalhouse Chapel International (RCI) was approved and from March 1999 to date, it has been the operational name of the ministry.

Although Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah returned from Holland in November 1992, he assumed full leadership of the church in January 1993. That year, the number of worshippers increased significantly from 30 to 150 adults. Thus, in 1994, it became necessary to relocate the church to the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) canteen which had a larger facility. The strategic location of the canteen on the Ring Road also helped the growth of the church. When the influx of members made it impossible for the ADB canteen to be used for Sunday services, the church was moved to the Blackmoore and Sons warehouse on the same Ring Road. The warehouse was transformed into a beautiful worship center and from October 1994 to November, 2000 that place was to be the IBWC auditorium where many healings, miracles, and deliverances would occur. During this 5 year period, the church grew from a membership of 250 to nearly 5,000 worshippers.

To effectively accommodate the large number of worshippers, three fully packed services were held every Sunday at 7:00am, 9:00am and 11:00am respectively. The sermon was translated into the Twi and Ewe local languages in the first two services respectively. The third service was held in English only. Those who could not be seated inside the main hall participated in the services via closed-circuit TV outside where canopies had been mounted.

A historic move was made on November 4, 2000. Thousands of worshippers attended an All Night prayer vigil at the Blackmoore and Sons premises. Around 4am, they were led in a prayer march to Ahenfie, the newly acquired church property located near the Obetsebi Lamptey Circle on the Ring Road Central-a distance of about three (3) kilometres from the Blackmoore and Sons premises. Symbolically, it was a significant move, a crossing over from Egypt to the Promised Land. This is because three (3) years before this time (i.e. in 1997), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams had prophesied that God was going to bless Royalhouse Chapel with a property of her own. Interestingly enough, the revelation had indicated that the new property was going to be located specifically on the Ring Road.

At the time this prophecy was given, the church leadership was, unknown to the Archbishop, almost completing negotiations for the purchase of a property at a totally different location. This prophecy restrained the leadership from pursuing that property. Ahenfie is thus considered by all members of Royalhouse Chapel as a land of prophecy and promise.

Contrary to the general perception of the public, Ahenfie is not synonymous with the umbrella name, Royalhouse Chapel which encompasses the churchs headquarters (Ahenfie) with its 26 different Ministries (Groups) as well as all the other distinct organs incorporated under the umbrella name. These organs include Royalhouse Chapels 100 Local Assemblies (branches), its 10 International Missions and their various departments, the media ministries, the church administration, the Christian Leadership College, as well as the Department of Social Services etc. The Department of Social Services alone has a wide range of ministries including the Basic Trust Scholarship Project, The Compassion Ministry; Feed the Hungry, Rural Missions and Evangelism, Rescue to the Needy, the Pre-Marital and Marriage Counselling Departments, the Children, Teens, Mens, Womens and Aged Ministries; as well as the Anglo/Francophone Ministry etc.

Theologically, the Ahenfie (which means Palace) was derived from Revelation 1:5b-6.

The Scripture says of Jesus Christ," Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen". The expression kings and priests is a reference to all believers. In other words, all believers are royals. Since royals reside in a palace or a royal house, Ahenfie was adopted as the name of the worship place of the Royalhouse Chapel headquarters church. Since Ahenfie is also synonymous with the residence or dwelling place of Kings, worshippers in Royalhouse Chapel believe that the reason why the presence of God is so strong at Ahenfie is because it is God’s headquarters. In view of the fact that God is the King of Kings, Ahenfie is seen as His dwelling place and the place where His power and presence must constantly be experienced by worshippers.